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Cara wins Residential Care Team Awards

Big Journeys, small steps - 2015 Annual Report

Cara Nurture and Empower Report 2013/2014

Cara Inc. acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.



A place where young people feel safe and nurtured


Cara wins Residential Care Team Awards


Cara is a non-profit community service organisation that has been caring for vulnerable young women since 1979.


Cara provides residential care, for vulnerable young women to include pregnant or parenting young women and their babies who are involved in the child protection system.


At Cara we assist young people by providing support, nurturing and empowerment through :

  • residential care houses
  • specialist live in young mums program
  • lead tenant program/ 18+ young mums program
  • intensive outreach support


Cara operates under a 24 hour model of care where the staff team work together to provide assistance and support to include:

  • Assistance with educational requirements
  • Ensuring safety, good health and wellbeing
  • Reconnecting the young person with their family wherever possible
  • Developing independent living skills and connection with their community


Cara also provides a range of innovative and exciting program opportunities for young people including:

  • Feeling Herd’  an equine facilitated therapeutic learning experience
  •  ‘Gobbling up the Globe’  a cultural cooking and exploration program
  •  ‘In Safe Hands’  practical parenting education and independent living skills program


Cara encourages all young people to participate and is dedicated to supporting each and every young person who enters their care to have positive experiences in care and to reach their own full potential.